Senior Robotic Automation Advisor – US

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Help us bring manufacturing into the future

During the biggest labor shortage in many years, manufacturers need to automate.

Automation and robotics are revitalizing the industry – providing better work for employees, making businesses more competitive and helping re-shore production. We are looking for people who want to be a part of this journey to make manufacturing a great place to work in for future generations.

Many companies are not “ready” for the automation journey – or their past road maps are no longer sufficient.

We founded Gain & Co to make businesses succeed with automation and robotics – serving as their independent advisor. Our customers include large companies, SMEs, and public institutions within a wide range of industries across Europe, America, and Asia. Gain & Co is unique in the sector in that it is 100% market neutral with no incentive to any agencies, OEM suppliers, integrators, or other service providers. Our team is solely focused on helping clients through each phase of the automation process and recommending the best solution matching their needs.

We are seeking Senior Robotic Automation Advisors, focused on automation solutions for discrete product material handling, production, manufacturing, and warehousing/Third Party Logistics companies to be part of our team in the US.


What you will be doing

As a growing business we all wear many hats, but we anticipate the following to be the core focus of this role:

  • Visit companies to identify their opportunities to use robot technologies and automation solutions for material handling, production, logistics and/or inspection, as well as which technological concepts are appropriate to use in daily operations.
  • National and international (potentially Canada and/or UK and/or EU) customer visits where you, in close collaboration with your affiliated Gain & Co office, production managers and business leaders, screen and advise companies that want to invest in robots and automation solutions.
  • Research, translation, and communication of observations and market-relevant research into written and presented concrete technical recommendations in short reports including observations, assessments, and recommendations.
  • Assist the Project Manager and team in the completion of the assigned deliverables with the Gain & Co team, where you contribute your project-specific technical knowledge, research of automation and robot technologies, and coordination of resources to complete as-sold deliverables.


Other supporting responsibilities

  • Sales support and collaborating in sales and proposal development meetings.
  • Assist in researching, editing and fine-tuning presentations, proposals, deliverables, and business standard documents.
  • Mentoring and cross-training Gain teammates in automation technologies of which you are considered an expert.

What we expect from you

  • 15-years prior professional work experience, preferably with more than one automation-related company.
  • Professional experience in scoping, conceptualizing and/or pricing/selling robotic automation solutions for manual processes in industrial manufacturing or non-industrial warehouse or public utilities/transportation companies.
  • Experience in designing, developing, deploying, supporting, and innovating new robotic automation solutions for a wide range of industrial and non-industrial applications.
  • Extensive knowledge of the range of automation solutions available in the market, as well as which manual processes are usually viable to automate with a positive business case and risk.
  • Applicable knowledge and mitigation of industrial safety standards which may include, but not limited to, OSHA/NIOSH, ANSI/RIA/A3 15.06, ISO 10218, Canada Z343/PSHR, AWS D-16, USDA, FDA, and NSF.
  • Considerable professional network within automation and robotics, ensuring to keep updated on the latest solutions and developments in the automation industry.
  • Previous experience working as a consultant or consultative sales, preferably within advanced technical markets.


Examples of previous relevant positions:

  • Large Scale Project/Program Manager or Department Manager level-positions with an automation supplier/integrator of industrial robotic automation solutions.
  • Developer or manager with a GTS institute, university, or similar innovative institution.
  • Production or continuous improvement manager within a highly automated large production company.


Besides these professional background requirements, we strongly value the following qualities in our future employee:

  • Attitude: positive approach to life with a belief that anything is possible with hard work.
  • Persistence: always finding a way to achieve your goals, even when the path is not clear.
  • Intellectual curiosity and life-long learner: ask questions, research, learn, and evolve – we want people who are thirsty for practical, hands-on experience and discovery in the high tech, robotics, and automation industries.
  • Excellent communication and comprehension skills.
  • Must have excellent English language capabilities; written, spoken, and public speaking.

What we offer

A fun, fast-paced and rewarding job in a fast-growing industry, where you get the chance to define the future of a first-of-its-kind company in the marketplace.

You’ll be joining a team of dedicated people with a background in industrial and non-industrial automation, controls, IT, IoT, robotics, AMRs, integration, sourcing, sales, marketing, project management and PR. We have an informal atmosphere, where focus is on the work to be done and on helping each other succeed, as well as contributing to a positive and social work environment.

Base salary, attractive commission package, medical, dental, vision insurance, 401k matching, and paid-time-off are all part of our package.

Work Location

Your primary work location will be your home.  Periodic meetings (monthly and/or project-specific) shall occur at the U.S. Headquarters office in Chicago, IL.  Approximately 25%-50% overnight travel.

Hiring Manager

Stu Shepherd, Chief Strategy Officer


Please send your resume/CV to We also appreciate and encourage submitting a cover letter.

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