Independent advisors of
automation and robotics

At Gain & Co, we collaborate with our clients to address labor shortages, increase productivity, and more with the help of robots and automation.

As your independent advisor we work to identify ideal automation targets specific to your needs, ensuring meaningful and long-lasting solutions are implemented smoothly and effectively.

How can robot technology and automation fit your strategy and support your business goals?

What is required to plan and execute automation projects which deliver business value?

How do you make people & robots work together successfully?

Our Method

Our proven methodology can adapt to the scope of your needs, bringing results to your business through comprehensive planning, potential assessment, sourcing, implementation, all the way through to optimization.
We are happy to guide you through the entire journey, or support you on an individual phase basis.
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Who We Are

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We advise companies in automating their physical processes, optimizing their existing robot solutions, and provide an expert opinion on how to fix failed projects.

Our advice and solutions are 100% independent of robot suppliers to ensure the best results for our customers.

Our team features specialists from a variety of fields, enabling us to handle every aspect of your robot journey, be it technical, legal, financial, or organizational.

Industry Insights

Get the insight you need to succeed with robots and automation in your business and production line. All articles are based on impartial experts and are 100% independent of vendors and robot manufacturers.

Our Clients

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