We save you from months of frustration, minimise risk and maximise your CapEx investment return

Why choose us

Since 2017, Gain & Co has advised hundreds of both private and public organizations, ranging from the largest industrial corporations to SMEs throughout Europe, the USA, and Asia. By choosing us, our customers get:

  • Strategic direction
  • Increased productivity, quality and uniformity
  • Improved safety and work environment
  • Securing capital investment
  • End-to-end support in the procurement process
  • Optimization of existing automation systems
  • Closing the gaps within an organization’s capabilities

90% of our customers wish they’d started their automation journey with a solid plan based on a clear and well-thought-out business case. At Gain & Co, we ensure that they get this plan, that the set targets are met, and that a positive business case is achieved.

Søren Juhl Rantorp, CEO

We offer a structured approach to your automation journey, based on a practical and proven methodology:

Based on your ambitions and selected operation area, we’ll prepare a prioritization plan, together with a risk assesment and an overview of the maturity of the proposed technological solutions.

After calculating the potential savings and benefits resulting from automating the selected production processes, we will present you with a list of suppliers, as well as with a Functional Requirement Specification – the base for a commercial tender process.

We’ll map the organizations’s capabilities and help close the gaps by designing and dimensioning the organization. We’ll also prepare the tender material, execute it, as well as evaluate and select the best vendor.

We’ll create an implementation plan including a detailed overview of initiatives that should be considered within competence development and change management.

After visiting your site to asses the solution’s functionality and
efficiency, we’ll conduct a benefit analysis to highlight potential to further benefit from the automation solution

Our knowledge encompasses, but is not limited to, the following industries:

Agriculture & Forestry

Produce products such as crops, paper, dairy, livestock, meat, firewood, wheat, animal feed, indigenous foods, eggs, hay, nuts.


Producing energy by means of sustainable, atomic, chemical, solar, wind.


Produce products such as commercial vehicles, bodies, engines, transport trucks, or other automotive-relevant equipment.


Produce products such as concrete, beams, drywall, floors, insulation, mortar, sewerage, roads.

Electronic & Technology

Produce products such as hardware, computers, telecommunications, office equipment, radio, television equipment, printers.

Food & Beverage

Producing products such as vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, breads, fresh food, packaged food, liquor, coffee, wine, and soft drinks.


Providing healthcare services, or produces products such as surgical clothing, bedding, uniforms, medical supplies, nutrition, rehabilitation equipment.


Providing services within logistics, such as transportation, warehousing, shipping, packing, handling, storage.

Metal & Machinery

Producing products such as pipes, power tools, rods, industrial machines, sheet metal, factory equipment, kitchen applliances, washers.

Pharma & Chemistry

Producing products such as pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, polymers, cleaning materials, paints, fertilizers, cosmetics, detergents, pesticides.


Handles or recycles waste, such as liquids, sewage, water, solids, organic, hazardous, glass, concrete, steel, chemicals.