Gain & Co utilizes an approach based on a practical and proven 5-step methodology.

Our advisors can both guide you through the entire journey, and support you on an individual phase basis.


Create a good overview and a practical strategy plan.

  • Concretization of the ambition in automation.
  • Mapping the possibilities within automation and overview of the maturity of technologies.
  • Risk assessment within the area, future project, organization, customer experience and product & packaging.
  • Collection of data for the business case.
  • Preparing a prioritization plan within the selected areas.
  • Interview of key people, Observations and Workshops.
  • Description of the ambition within automation.
  • Prioritization Automation Project plan and Risk assessment with an overall mitigation plan.
  • High level potential investment budget.
  • Automation Strategy Report


Understand pain points and improvement potential.

  • Mapping the potential, creating an overview and prioritization of focus areas in your operation.
  • Calculating potential savings and benefits.
  • Conducting a market research resulting in a long and a short list of suppliers. 
  • Collection of data for the business case
  • Preparing Functional Requirement Specification which is ready to be the base for a commercial tender process.
  • Automation Roadmap
  • Potential Calculation
  • Supplier Catalogue
  • Functional Requirement Specification.


Create competition in the market.

  • Calculating project’s expected commercial benefit.
  • Analyzing the gaps between current level and future requirements, designing and dimensioning of the organization.
  • Mapping organizational capabilities and closing the gaps.
  • Preparation of the tender material, execution of the tender, vendor evaluation and selection.
  • Participating in contract negotiations.
  • Business case
  • Plan for necessary skills development of employees and recruitment of new skills.
  • Roadmap for minimizing gaps.
  • Tender material – ready for competition


Successful implementation with focus on organization capabilities.

  • Supporting and facilitating FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), SAT (Site Acceptance Test) and implementation.
  • Upskilling and education of your staff.
  • Shopfloor coaching.
  • Creating a detailed overview for which initiatives should be considered within competence development and change management.
  • Implementation plan and Test protocol according to contract
  • Upskills and education plan
  • Coaching course
  • Change management and Training plan


Optimize your investment.

  • Visiting site to inspect the solution and assess the functionality and efficiency.
  • Conducting a benefit analysis in order to highlight potential to further benefit from the automation solution, by extending the functionality or adding additional tasks.
  • Hand-over and plan for continuous improvements.