How do we automate a physical process and acquire the proper robot solution?

Today, robot technology has reached a maturity level that has made it a considerable competitative advantage for many companies and organisations.

The biggest potential for automation lies in predictable, physical tasks that make up large parts of the industry, the health sector, the energy sector, retailing, and many more.

Automating the right physical processes can increase productivity, reduce operating costs and downtime, improve quality, and better the working environment.

The challenge lies in making sure that the return measures up to the investment. Automating physical processes is a complex task that makes special demands on the management and their handling of risks. It takes thorough preliminary work for gains to be realised.

A successful automation project requires:

  • Thorough knowledge of the proces to be automated.
  • Experience with robot technology.
  • The ability to unite the needs of the company with offers in the market.

Gain & Co’s method for automating physical processes involves a number of field-proven steps that ensure the optimal payoff from robot projects. 

Field-proven automation program:

Gain & Co builds on more than 25 years of experience with robot technology and automation as well as experience with complex procurements for large private and public organisations.

We support companies every step of the way in automating physical processes, and we ensure that measurable results guide decisions along the way. The program encompasses everything from the initial requirements clarification to acquisition, implementation and subsequent reviews.

As impartial advisers, we ensure:

  • Reliable managing of automation projects
  • Clearly defined KPIs and concrete evidence for the fulfilment of these
  • Reliable business case calculations
  • A singling out of the most qualified distributors through a specialised tender proces for automation projects
  • A close collaboration with the management and the ongoing possibility of adjusting or concluding the program
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