For many businesses, there exists an interest and will to implement or at least consider robots.

But before you move into a larger purchasing process or begin involving large parts of your organisation, it may be a good idea to select employees, typically from the board of directors, HR and of course operational management, to consider over a few rounds how this process could unfold within their business.

Gain & Co frequently facilitates tailored workshops for either industry organisations or single businesses, which assist them in clarifying if robots are the way forward, and if so, how they should be handled in a sensible manner.

The workshop is ordinarily based on specific examples and issues, where participants are given the opportunity to experiment with their ideas and discuss possibilities and challenges, best practice as well as examples of both good and poor purchases and implementations of robot technologies and similar.

The workshop typically lasts one day and results in specific initiatives or targets for the business in the coming year – or some times the conclusion that now is not the right time.