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Do you know how robots & automation will improve your business?

Robots & automation is about getting competitive and/or staying competitive.

The journey towards robots & automation is filled with obstacles and deciding on the right approach is important.

Will you benefit the most from automating certain processes, in certain places, or across your business?

Perhaps automating certain factories will make the most impact?

How should robot & automation technology be considered in R&D so your products can be manufactured at a competitive cost?

These questions and more need to be answered before you can harvest the benefits from automation.

Many companies have tried to implement robots but failed due to not having a clear vision for their efforts. Some end up spending a lot of money to no avail and by doing so also ruining the appetite for further – better planned and executed – automation initiatives.

At Gain & Co we call this “robot gone wrong”. Don’t let that be your company!

A typical client outcome from our services in this area

  • A strategy for automation

  • A strategic roadmap for automation initiatives

  • Business case for CAPEX investments in robots & automation solutions

Why use these services from Gain & Co?

Our services are 100 % independent of robot and automation suppliers – we are always on the client’s side. This ensures alignment of Automation Strategy with Business Strategy – and creates a business case-driven approach.

Why Gain & Co?

At Gain & Co we see robots & automation as a means for clients to achieve a positive impact on their businesses.

Our advisors have brought companies carefully through the process of automating over the last 25+ years. With a detailed knowledge of current robot technologies, business strategy and organizational implementation, we ensure every major aspect of our clients' transformation is considered.

Being independent of technology suppliers means that we can focus on the clients' interests and help them find the solution best fit to their needs.

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We help our clients develop automation strategies.

Our Strategy Consulting services:

  • Automation Strategy
  • Automation Roadmap
  • Business case
  • Productivity Improvement
  • OCM Strategy
  • General Strategic Advice

We help our clients plan automation solutions that deliver business value.

Our Solution Planning services:

  • Assessment Discreet Process
  • Assessment Production Line
  • Use Case Definition
  • Requirement Specification
  • Organizational Readiness Assessment
  • Organizational Change Plan
  • People Change Plan
  • Market Analysis

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We help our clients procure and implement robot & automation solutions, and make sure they perform to expectation.

Our Implementation services:

  • Procurement & Contracting
  • Project Management (client-side)
  • Contract Management
  • Program Management (client-side)
  • Training & Education

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