Is automation the right thing for your company?
What processes should you automate first?
Would you need to streamline your production flow before you move on with robot technology? 

There are a lot of things to consider when you start automating. That is why it is a good idea to identify your company’s automation potential. Robots in general may be a relevant step for you to gain higher productivity and competitiveness, but there may be reasons why you should wait before investing in robot technology. And if it turns out investing is still a good idea, it is good to know where the strongest business cases are, hence where you should start. 

A GAIN AUTOMATION SCREENING answers your questions and prepare you to move on in the automation process. 

How it works

Before screening your company, we sit down with you to discuss your strategy. What are your business goals and where do you want to take your company in the future? We usually meet up with the head of production, the CFO and the owner manager.

We then continue into the production facilities or other relevant facilities to observe and analyze your processes. During our walk we will ask questions, while photographing machines and equipment.


After completion of the screening you will receive a report prioritizing and describing the most automation-ready processes, as well as an estimated price of a complete process analysis.

Contact us for further information regarding Gain automation screening