Automation is more than buying a robot. To ensure client success with all aspects of robotization, our transformation program covers the whole robot journey from start to finish.

Our methodology has helped raise the automation level of 200+ companies and organizations across Europe, North America and Asia.

Our clients use the program to ensure success in the four phases of robot implementations, for example when they need:

  • A plan covering all vital aspects of automation – and an independent advisor to guide them through

  • To build up internal automation capabilities

  • To identify, plan and execute high-value automation projects

  • Acquire robot solutions, find suitable suppliers, and provide accurate requirement specifications

The four phases of robot & automation projects

We carry out automation screenings and identify areas in your operations that could benefit from robots. We find the processes that can be optimised and thus help better the quality, productivity, and the working environment in your company. Through business case calculation, we make sure the robot actually nets the expected profits.

We also prepare the workforce and the organisation as a whole, drawing up training plans, communicational strategies and the like — building up motivation and competences amongst employees.

Through careful analysis, our Robot Engineers draw up technical requirement specifications describing the exact needs of the planned solution and its digital interfaces. This means that our clients acquire exactly what they need.

We carry out extensive market analysis and vendor contracting and secure the best terms and conditions for our clients — and the best price.

We implement and realise robot projects in the organisation. We get proof of concept and oversee on-site integration.

We stabilise by anchoring and securing competences in the organisation and monitoring performance on KPIs.

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We help our clients develop automation strategies.

Our Strategy Consulting services:

  • Automation Strategy
  • Automation Roadmap
  • Business case
  • Productivity Improvement
  • OCM Strategy
  • General Strategic Advice

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We help our clients plan automation solutions that deliver business value.

Our Solution Planning services:

  • Assessment Discreet Process
  • Assessment Production Line
  • Use Case Definition
  • Requirement Specification
  • Organizational Readiness Assessment
  • Organizational Change Plan
  • People Change Plan
  • Market Analysis

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We help our clients procure and implement robot & automation solutions, and make sure they perform to expectation.

Our Implementation services:

  • Procurement & Contracting
  • Project Management (client-side)
  • Contract Management
  • Program Management (client-side)
  • Training & Education

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