TECHNICAL LECTURE – customized for company and target group

Which robots suit our company or organisation?

More robot solutions are developed now than ever before. This creates new opportunities to automate tasks and processes, which previously either couldn’t be done or didn’t make financial sense.

But how do you stay up to date on the opportunities?

The lecture gives a specialized coverage of the most recent robot technology within specific industries or certain types of solutions. This is especially valuable for those businesses, which have especially specialized processes and desire an overview over what robot technology can do for them.

Emphasis is placed on adapting the lecture for the recipients, and presenting practical examples for how robots could be used by these. The lecture covers, among other things:

  • Which types of technologies and robot solutions are suitable for our business or organisation?
  • Which other functional examples exist for similar businesses adopting the use of robots?
  • Which limitations do robots have, and how do you begin using them in a sensible way?

The lecturers are independent robotics experts, who have no interest in selling specific solutions. This ensures a credible review of the opportunities and limitations for the recipient.

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