The robots are coming – but are they worth the cost?

Robots are surrounded by a lot of hope – some of even with good reason.

But it can be difficult for businesses that desire to invest with caution, to estimate the maturity of technologies and their ability to deliver the desired output in day to day operation.

The lecture gives an overview of the many commercial considerations in relation to purchasing robots for companies or organisations. This gives management an understanding of how the company should handle robot purchases in a reasonable way, without landing in the many pitfalls along the way.

The lecture will cover, among other topics:

  • The robot market: Why is it opaque and how can you work around it?
  • Experiences from failed robot projects.
  • The good process for robot purchases.
  • Maturity of technologies.
  • Handling of vendors, contracts, trading terms etc.

The lectures will be held by independent experts, who have no interest in selling specific solutions. This ensures a trustworthy review of the topic.

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