How do we begin automating?

Robots and automation have been put on the agenda of many corporations. The ball is in the court of management, which often experiences a need to investigate opportunities and clarify the “robot potential” in their business.

This course is for those businesses, who wish to take the first steps towards automating and need an overview over which areas it makes the most sense to begin with.

Many robot technologies hold a great potential for automating monotonous repetitive work and make organizations more efficient. The challenge can be to estimate the maturity of the technologies, risks involved as well as the potential for automatic specific physical processes in the business.

The robot potential course will give the business an overview over where it can make the biggest gains from robot technology, and thus which processes it should prioritize for automating first.

Strategic approaches to automation pay off

There are many ways to approach automation. It will often be necessary to anchor the effort with the upper management to ensure that automation occurs with the interests of the business in mind.

Experience from 100+ Danish and foreign companies shows that there is a huge variance in the automation readiness of individual processes within the organisation – and that there often are divided opinions on which should be prioritized.

The course to identify your robot potential is built on a thorough market understanding and deep robot-technological insight, independent of suppliers. This ensures that management can make decisions on automation with well thought out justification.

I would like to discover my robot potential