How do we get the robot on the right track, and who has responsibility?

It can happen that misfortune is about and the robot or automation solution is not living up to expectations. In these cases it may be necessary to call in an independent third party to evaluate the process and delivery as well as achieve an acceptable settlement between vendor and customer. In other words, a review and estimate.

If it is not possible to get the vendor to repair the mistake, the customer will have to decide what to do next with the solution. Is it worth it to continue using it under current conditions? What will it take to reach an acceptable level of performance? Some times the customer is best served by dismantling the solution and possibly re-using parts of it or even selling it.

This is how a review and estimate is conducted

The first step in a review and estimate is to get an overview: What was promised, and to what degree does the solution live up to the agreement?

An independent robot expert can both familiarize with the formal, contractual obligations as well as the informal: What can you ordinarily expect delivered under the given circumstances. Is the error due to a lacking demand specification from the customer, or has the vendor misinterpreted demands? An independent adviser can assist in determining this and thus prevent the case from escalating further.

When the contradictions and disagreements have been reviewed, the next step is to reach a solution between the parties. If there are no damage terms in the original contract, or if these terms are unclear, the independent adviser can serve as mediator and increase the likelihood of solving the error in a satisfactory manner.

Examples of failed deliveries:

  • The solution does not live up to expected speeds
  • The quality is not good enough for work performed by the solution
  • Economy – TCO is above expectation