Which legal and financial considerations should you make when you acquire AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles)?

That was the topic of today at a networking meeting on mobile robots in the health sector. Here, Søren Peters and René Tornfeldt, from respectively the independent consulting company Gain & Co and the legal partner firm Accura, introduced four central elements in the process of AGV-acquisitions:

  • What is special in relation to contracts and finance?
  • Process frame – laws on tenders
  • The contract
  • The business case

An AGV is a small technological acquisition now but carries large requirements to the rest of the infrastructure, both physical and IT-technical. How do you handle it? Technological development is rapid, and because of this, you face a dilemma regarding the time of acquisition. Do you buy now or wait? You can choose to run tenders under typical standard terms or using dynamic requirements. Which do you choose? The contract must support the tender strategy, be both process-wise, technically and operational-financially in line with the parent organization, match the business case and support the success criteria of the tender. How do you ensure this? The business case must be realistic, be based on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), and nail down the project risk. How do you build it?

Today’s networking meeting was specifically about mobile robots in the health sector but is relevant for all other sectors and industries, that work with AGVs.