Investments in automation and robot technology are increasing. In 2017, the number of industrial robots went up 30% with China and Japan leading the race. With 774 new robots last year, Denmark now holds a strong global position as number six measured by the number of robots per employee. 

There are several reasons why investments are ramping up. More standard solutions are being developed which has a positive effect on quality and price. Robots are more flexible and can easily be adjusted to solve other tasks and support new processes. Inspection technologies are getting cheaper and at the same time more advanced, and play an important role in ensuring higher, more consistent quality. And by choosing the right solutions, you can automate even small production ranges

Numerous opportunities are waiting to be captured. Yet, a lot of companies hesitate to get started. 

How do you find a robot that provides that supports flow, hygiene requirements, cycle times and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) – all at the same time? How can the robot integrate into your existing digital infrastructure? And how do you transform your organizational culture to be able to welcome your new robot? Companies tend to focus on a process in one place, whereas the most obvious process and smart solution may reside in a whole different place. 

As independent consultants, we help you navigate on the journey towards more automation and robots. We identify your potential and, based on that, we guide you through the right processes – in respect of your business and your strategy.