Gain & Company are independent robot and automation advisers.

We assist companies in automating physical processes, optimising existing robot solutions, and getting failed projects back on track. Our advice and solutions are 100 % independent of robot suppliers.

Our consulting is based on the needs of our customers and seeks to meet these by finding the best solutions available in the market. We’ve helped C20-companies as well as small- to medium-sized businesses in making more of robot solutions and automation.

Companies turn to us when they need to:

  • Prepare their organisation for automation
  • Calculate the potential of automating specific processes
  • Identify relevant suppliers and solutions in the market
  • Estimate the maturity of various robot solutions
  • Handle procurement processes, including requirement specification, contracts, negotiation etc.

The story of Gain & Co

Gain & Co was founded in 2017 with the ambition of helping the industry make more of robot technology in practice.

Since then, we’ve consulted hundreds of companies in Denmark and abroad and helped them in their journey toward automation.

Experience shows that many companies have some preliminary experience with robots, but that they often have un-exploited potentials that could boost the performance of these

For this reason, Gain & Co has worked on developing processes for defining robot potential as well as industry standards for the buying and selling of robot solutions.

On October the first in 2019, this culminated in the launch of the global robot platform #HowToRobot.

The platform acts as liaison between buyers and sellers and works to increase benefits for both parties. This has given rise to a global catalogue that maps robot suppliers and widens the scope of possible solutions for end-users. The platform has been encouraged by Danish Industry (Dansk Industri) among others.