We are independent advisors devoted to helping companies succeed with robots and automation.

Being independent means that we do not sell any robots. We have no affiliations with suppliers and always protect the interest of our client.

We do this by first determining their specific needs and challenges — and then we scan the market and identify the right solutions for the job.

We firmly believe that introducing robots to an organization is more than a technical matter.

Apart from the technical solution itself, the investment should build on a strong business case, and every affected employee must be trained and prepared for handling the new technology.

Our structured approach therefore works to align the people, the technology, and the financial aspect of robot implementation. This gives the organization a strong foundation for success with automation projects now and in the future.

Our holistic approach to automation requires a large variety of competences. Our team therefore consists of Robot & Production Engineers, Lawyers & procurement specialists, Business Strategists, Change & Culture Advisors and more.

We have seen how robots and automation have helped companies remain their competitiveness, improve their products and better the working environment.

Our holistic and structured approach to automation increases the success of such initiatives.

We hope to bring closer a world where robots handle tedious and strenuous tasks, freeing up humans to focus on what’s really valuable.


Gain & Co was founded in 2017 with the ambition of helping the industry make more of robot technology in practice.

Since then, we’ve consulted more than 200 companies in Europe, America, and Asia and helped them in their journey toward automation.

This amount of experience has given us a great understanding of the many challenges companies face when deciding to automate.

For this reason, we have worked on developing processes for defining robot potential as well as industry standards for the buying and selling of robot solutions.

We’ve also developed People & Change plans as well as organizational tools to help train and educate employees and prepare them for robot implementation.

In March 2020, this culminated in the launch of the global robot platform #HowToRobot. The platform is our way of sharing our experience with companies around the globe. We hope to help smaller and medium-sized companies have greater success with robots — and we have developed several tools that do exactly this.

#HowToRobot acts as liaison between buyers and sellers and works to increase benefits for both parties. This has given rise to a global catalogue that maps robot suppliers and widens the scope of possible solutions for end-users.